Happy Halloween!

Isabella's delight of Halloween was handing out candy. She went to a few houses near ours but told her dad that she wanted to go home and hand out candy. As the kids came up to our house she commented on each of their costumes and initially went through each piece of candy making sure they liked what they received. I informed her that the kids were just happy to be getting any candy. She proceeded to put the candy in each of their bags. At first it was one piece per person but then she started giving handfuls. Needless to say we ran out of candy quite fast. I think they bus in the children to our neighborhood. But we all had fun and I hope her mentality of it is better to give than to receive continues throughout life.

Heath is 4 months old

The four month run down: Wt: 18 lbs 10 oz, Ht: 27 1/4 in, Head circum: 17. Yahoo! for the Heath man he is four months old. I am not use to his larger size due to his sister not even weighing 14 lbs at six months. He is almost sleeping through the night. He still eats and eats and eats. He loves to laugh and ADORES his sister. Everytime she walks in the room he smiles and follows her around with his eyes. Heath has been a wonderful happy boy. I have enjoyed him so much!!

Heath found his thumb

The little man has found his thumb. Good thing/Bad thing? Well right now it is a fabulous find because it helps in comforting and relaxing him. And, I must say he looks pretty darn cute!

Pumpkin Carving

We tried to make clean up as easy as possible this year. That meant... no clothes for Bella bean. It worked great and the carving was a fun evening.

Family Pumpkin Patch

This year we went to a new pumpkin patch as a family. Wow, there were a lot of pumpkins. We had a wonderful time. There was also an awesome feeding and petting zoo but we put the camera up and didn't get any photos of those. Isabella didn't want to leave from feeding the goats. Her next purchase is a goat. Now we are almost prepared for Halloween. Next the carving...

Aloha from the Luau with my Hawaiin Princess

We enjoyed an evening at a Luau here in Maui.

Heath at 2 months

Here is our little handsome Heath at 2 months old. Stats are about 17 lbs and 24 inches long. Lets see...bit different than his sister who weighed 16 lbs at 6 months. Just love to squeeze him! YUM, YUM!

Battle begins - but Nana will WIN

The picture above was taken on Nana and Heath's birthday! Yes our handsome little man was born on his special Nana's birthday. What a treat and a treasure for both of them. It is amazing how one silly little thing like your appendix, we don't even need it, can change your life in an instant. This is what has happened to our sweet, beautiful, selfless, peacemaking, amazing, perfect, little Nana. In a routine surgery she/we found out that she has cancer. Talk about take you by surprise. But that is exactly what this disease has done for us. We are shocked, humbled, and saddened every time we talk to a doctor. The bottom line is we are are going to help support her, love her, fight, and help her go through this trial in her life.... and WIN!!! The saddest part about this experience is realizing how much we have taken her for granted all this time. I have to be the first to say that I am definitely guilty of this. She bends over backwards for us and everyone else she comes in contact with. If there is one word that would describe Brenda it is SERVICE. She truly serves people on a daily basis and this is her greatest joy in life; besides her family. She is the glue that has held this family and extended family together and you don't quite appreciate her as much as you should until something as serious as this happens. I know the Lord has a plan for each of us and our lives are purely based on his timing but it doesn't always make trials such as this easy all the time. But I am grateful for the fact that I am a part of her family and get to learn from her and benefit in my life from her example. Thank you Brenda Kay Hinds... WE LOVE YOU!!!

Isabella's New Pets

We have been trying different tactics to keep Bean in her bed each night other than just straight up child abuse, Grandma had the great idea to try a fish tank. Truthfully I was definitely more excited than my Bean. So Grandma, Dad, and Bella got it together. Here are the pics of the final project. We started with three, supposedly "indestructible" fish. However by the morning we were/are left with one -Ella. Isabella kept saying "the fish are stuck and not moving, Dad needs to fix that." Sure enough our 3 indestructible fish turned to 1 rather quickly. We are still enjoying Ella completely and the soothing affect of the fish tank but still battling night time sleeping, Ugh!

One Month Old

My little man is One month old but I prefer to think one month down because of the 2 hour feeding schedule he refuses to break. However... I will concur!! As you can see the 2 hour feedings are sure helping our Heath grow. We aren't sure about the weight but his length has increased almost 3 inches, maybe more now. In fact he has outgrown his basinet within 3 weeks. His arm span is wide enough that it gets caught in the rails on both sides. Well they really aren't stuck but he thinks so and screams out. Isabella could of slept in there until she was about 3 months old. The hands above the head is the typical sleep position. I call it the "AWWWW" pose. But don't let the couple of sleeping pictures fool you that he is a good sleeper. We haven't reached that stage quite yet but it definitely is getting better (Thank Heavens). Love this little guy!!!!